Prof. Saber Abd-Allah

Professor, Scientist, Researcher, Consultant, Foreign Examiner, Judge, Editor, Reviewer, Author and Orator

Founder of Four International Journals

  1. Journal of Buffalo Science
  2. Theriogenology Insight
  3. Asian Journal of Animal Research
  4. Camel Journal

Editor -in- Chief of 20 International Journals

  1. Advances in Medical Informatics                                                                                 
  2. Asian Journal of Animal Research
  3. British Journal of Pharmacology & Toxicology
  4. Camel Journal
  5. Frontier in Biological and Life Sciences
  6. Int. J. Advanced of Sciences and Technology
  7. Int. J. Biotech Trend and Technology
  8. Int. J. Computer Science Trends & Technology
  9. Int. J. Engineering and Research
  10. Int. J. Engineering Trend and Applications
  11. Int. J. Information Technology
  12. Int. Research J. Natural and Applied Sciences  
  13. Int.J. Electronics&Communication Engineering
  14. Int. J. Advanced Animal Biotechnology
  15. Journal of Medical Genetics and Gene
  16. International Journal of Chemical Research
  17. Journal of Animal Scientist
  18. Journal of Buffalo Science
  19. Theriogenology Insight
  20. Veterinary Science Research 
  21. Int. J. Advances in Scientific Research                                        

Chief Advisory Board of 10 International Journals

  1. Inter. J. Advanced Engineering and Nano Technology
  2. Inter. J. Basic Sciences and Applied Computing
  3. Inter. J. Emerging Science and Engineering
  4. Inter. J. Engineering & Advanced Technology
  5. Inter. J. Innovative Science and Modern Engineering
  6. Inter. J. Inventive Engineering & Sciences
  7. Inter. J. Management and Humanitics
  8. Inter. J. Recent Technology and Engineering
  9. Inter. J. Soft Computing and Engineering
  10. Inter.J. Innovative Technology&Exploring Engineering


  1. Americas Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  2. ARPN J. Agricultural and Biological Science
  3. Continental Journal of Veterinary Science
  4. Greener J. Animal Breeding & Genetics
  5. Greener Journal of Cell and Animal Biology
  6. Human and Veterinary Medicine Journal   
  7. Int. J. Animal Biotechnology and Applications
  8. Int. J. Genetic Engineering and Recombination
  9. Int. J. Molecular Biotechnology
  10. Int. J. Wildlife & Endangered Species Cons.
  11. J. Animal and Veterinary Advance Research
  12. Journal of DNA and RNA Research
  13. Research and Reviews: A J. Biotechnology
  14. Research and Reviews: A J. Life Science
  15. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science

Regional Editor

  1. Advance J. Food Science and Technology
  2. British Journal of Dairy Sciences
  3. Current Research J. Biological Sciences
  4. International J. Animal & Veterinary Advances  
  5. Journal of Animal Research

Technical Editor

  1. American J. Biochemistry& Molecular Biology
  2. Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
  3. Asian Journal of Biotechnology
  4. Asian Journal of Cell Biology
  5. Asian Journal of Developmental Biology  
  6. International Journal of Dairy Science  
  7. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
  8. Research J. Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  9. Research Journal of Microbiology

Advisory Editor

  1. Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences
  2. Clinical Trial Magnifier                                                                          
  3. Drug Invention Today (Elsevier Index)
  4. Int. J. Biomedical & Advance Research
  5. Int. J. English Language, Literature and Humanities
  6. Int. Network for Scientific & Industrial Information
  7. Journal of Applied Pharmacy
  8. Journal of Medical & Allied Health Sciences

Associate Editor

  1. Advanced Research J. Bioch. &Biotechnology
  2. Advanced Research J. Plant and Animal
  3. Advances in Medical Informatics                                                                                 
  4. BSU J. Basic & Applied Sciences
  5. International Journal of Bioassays
  6. International Journal of Computer Applications
  7. International Journal of Zoology Research
  8. Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences
  9. Scholar's Advances In Animal & Veterinary Research
  10. Veterinary Science Research                                             

Editorial Board Member

  1. Advances in Biosciences and Bioengineering
  2. Advances in Life Sciences
  3. Advances in Medical and Biological Sciences
  4. American J. Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics
  5. American Journal of Academic Research 
  6. American Journal of Biomedical Research
  7. American Journal of Bioscience
  8. American Journal of Life Science Research
  9. American journal of Life Sciences
  10. American Open Andrology Journal
  11. American Open Biomarkers Journal
  12. American Open Nanoscience Journal
  13. Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Science PG
  14. Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry Journal
  15. Annals of Biological Sciences
  16. Cell Biology Journal
  17. Communications in Infor. Sci. & Manag. Eng. 
  18. Current Advances in Chemistry Research
  19. E-Int. Scientific Research J. Consortium 
  20. European J. Applied Social Sci. Research
  21. European J. Applied Social Sciences Research
  22. European J. Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sci.
  23. European J. Molecular Biology
  24. European Journal of Bioinformatics
  25. Frontiers in Biological Chemistry
  26. Frontiers in Food Science and Technology
  27. Global Journal of Research and Review
  28. Greener J. Animal Breeding and Genetics
  29. Greener J. Cell and Animal Biology
  30. Indian Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry
  31. Insight Veterinary Research
  32. Int. Annals of Advanced Scientific Research
  33. Int. J.  of Advanced Engineering Research
  34. Int. J. Innova. in Biological & Chemical Sci.
  35. Int. J. Innovation Education and Research
  36. Int. J. Languages, Literature and Linguistics
  37. Int. J. Research in Science & Technology
  38. Int. J. Scientific Research & Education
  39. Int. J.Nutrition&Food Management for Patients
  40. Int. Research J. Engineering and Technology
  41. Int. research J. Natural and Applied Sciences
  42. Inter. J. Advanced Research In Bio-Technology
  43. Int. J. English Studies and Literature
  44. International J. Environmental Sciences
  45. Inter. J. Medical Science and Clinical Invention
  46. International  J. Pharmacy & Medical  Sciences
  47. International Asian Research Journal
  48. International J. Chemical and Life sciences
  49. International J. Current Medical Sciences
  50. International J. Pharmacy & Medical Sciences
  51. International Journal of Applied Science
  52. International Journal of English and Literature
  53. Int. J. Genetic Engineering and Recombination
  54. Int. J. Wildlife & Endangered Species Conserv.
  55.  International Multidisciplinary Research J.
  56. Journal of Animal & Veterinary Sciences
  57. Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
  58. Journal of Biology and Today’s World
  59. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Genetics
  60. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Genetics
  61. Journal of Genetic Mutation Disorders
  62. Meat Sciences and Veterinary Public Health
  63. ORN J. Biotechnology & Molecular Research
  64. ORN J. Development Biology & Tissue Engin.
  65. ORN Journal of Agricultural Research
  66. ORN Journal of Cell and Animal Biology
  67. ORN Journal of Livestock Production
  68. Pakistan J. Meat Science and Public Health
  69. Research Journal - Journal of Education
  70. Scholarena Journal of Genetics
  71. Scholedge Int. J. Multidiscipl. &Allied Study
  72. Science International 
  73. SOJ Veterinary Sciences
  74. The Internet journal of Family Practice
  75. The Internet Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  76. Wyno Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  77. Wyno Journal of Biological Sciences
  78. Int. J. Engineering Tech., Manag. & Appl. Sci.

Associate Technical Editor


Lead Guest Editor

  1. American Journal of Life Sciences


  1. American Journal of Zoological Research
  2. Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  3. Asian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
  4. Int. J. Comput., Communicat. & Instrum. Eng.
  5. International Journal of Doctoral Studies (IJDS)
  6. Journal of Agriculture Science and Applications
  7. The International J. an Emerging Transdiscipline

Reviewer – Member of Scientific Committee

  1. Acta Naturalis Scientia

Consulting Editor

  1. Malaysian J. Medical and Biological Research           

Reviewer Team

  1. American Journal of Biology and Life Science
  2. IASTER’s International Research Journals
  3. Int. Annals of Advanced Scientific Research
  4. J. Recent Research in Engineering and Tech.
  5. Open Science J. Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Section Editor

  1. Recent Research in Science &Technology

Managing Editor

  1. Journal of Pharmacy and pharmacology
  2. Journal of Medicine and Medical-Sciences.
  3. Journal of Experimental Oncology
  4. WebMed Central
  5. Journal of Veterinary Medical Research

Lead Faculty

  1. WebmedCentral Building Science Together                           

International Advisory Board

  1. Asian Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences
  2. Cogent Food and Agriculture
  3. International J. Chemical & Analytical Science
  4. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences
  5. Journal of Innovative Biology
  6. Journal of Pharmacy Research 

Reviewer Board

  1. Asian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
  2. Cell Biology - Science Publishing Group
  3. Int. J. Research & Development of Technology
  4. Int. Research J. Chemistry and Environment
  5. Int. Research J. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Inter. Assoc. Scientific Innovation & Research
  7. Inter. J. Innovative Res. Advanced Engineering
  8. International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research  Journals
  9. International Journal of Applied Science
  10. International Journal of Genetics and Genomics
  11. J.  Advanced Laboratory  Research in Biology
  12. Journal of Bacteriology Research
  13. Scholarena Journals – Genetics
  14. Scientific Journals International
  15. The International J. Emerging Transdiscipline 
  16. Webmed Central

International Editorial Board

  1. International Scientific Journals                           
  2. Scholedge Int. J. Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies

Editorial Team

  1. International J. Nutrition and Metabolism

Associate Editor -in- Chief

  1. Innovative Studies: An International Journal

Reviewer of 300+ International Journals

  1. American Biology Teacher 
  2. African Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  3. Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia
  4. Animal Reproductive Science
  5. Asian J. Animal & Veterinary Advances
  6. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences
  7. Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
  8. Asian Journal of Biotechnology
  9. Asian Journal of Cell Biology
  10. Conservation Genetics
  11. Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care
  12. Food and Nutrition Research
  13. Genetic and Epigenetic Journal
  14. Global Journals
  15. Indian J. Biochemistry and Biophysics
  16. Int. J. Research on Education Methodology
  17. Inter. J. Life Science & Medical Research
  18. International J. Life Science & Medical Research
  19. International J. of Human Rights in Healthcare
  20. Int. J. Research and Development in Technology
  21. International Journal of Bioassays
  22. International Journal of Dairy Science  
  23. International Journal of English and Literature
  24. Italian Journal of Animal Science 
  25. Journal of Agricultural Science& Applications
  26. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  27. Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics 
  28. Journal of Bacteriology Research
  29. Journal of Chromosome Research
  30. Journal of Dairy Science
  31. Journal of Informing Science Institute 
  32. Journal of Reproduction in Domestic Animals
  33. Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
  34. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation
  35. Obstetrics and Gynecological: International Journal
  36. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  37. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  38. Pakistan J. Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
  39. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
  40. Pinnacle Journal Publication
  41. Reproductive Biology Insights
  42. Research Journal of Microbiology
  43. Rubriq Reviewer Network
  44. Science Alert 
  45. Science J. Agri. Research & Management
  46. Science PG Journals
  47. Tropical Agriculture Journal
  48. WebMed Central Plus Journals
  49. World Applied Science Journal
  50. WSEAS Journals
  51. + Above Mentioned Journals in Editor Paragraphs