Prof. Saber Abd-Allah

Professor, Scientist, Researcher, Consultant, Foreign Examiner, Judge, Editor, Reviewer, Author and Orator

Dr. Abd-Allah is a member of > 100 International Associations and Socities

  1. Advisory Board, World Academy of Science and Technology, Las Vegas, USA
  2. Chairman (Elected), Reproductive Biology and Genetics Society, IACSIT, Singapore
  3. Senior Member of International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology 
  4. International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS)
  5. Senior Member of Biological & Life Sciences in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
  6. Senior Member of International Economics Development Research Center
  7. Senior Member of Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological& Environmental Engineering Society 
  8. International Association of Engineers (IAENG)                      
  9. Institutional Corresponding Member and is as such Ambassador of Vet 2011 in Egypt
  10. Society for Digital Inter. &Wireless Communications
  11. Senior Member of Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers
  12. Life Member, Indian Society for Buffalo Development 
  13. Egyptian Association  for Buffalo Development
  14. Egyptian Society for Animal Reproduction and Fertility 
  15. Egyptian Society for Physiological Science
  16. Executive Committee Member of Science Age Society 
  17. International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making  
  18. Senior Member of science and engineering institute
  19. Global Studies knowledge communit
  20. The Science Advisory Board                                      
  21. ITHEA International Scientific Society
  22. International Society for Infectious Diseases
  23. Computer Science Teachers Association
  24. European Camel Society
  25. International Net. For Young Research in Male Infertility 
  26. Senior Member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors                 
  27. IEDRC Committees -International Economics Development and Research Center 
  28. Associate Membership in Society for Nonprofit Organizations
  29. ISOC JP                                                                                     
  30. International Society for Environmental Information Sciences     
  31. Global Environmental Standard
  32. American Fertility Association (Since 2010)                 
  33. Pakistan Bio-Safety and Bio-Security Association 
  34. E-membership of American Dairy science Association
  35. International Dermoscopy Society               
  36. Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand
  37. Veterinary Surgeon Organization (Since 2010)                        
  38. Japan Society for the Promotion Science (2011)                 
  39. British Veterinary Association (Since 2010)                      
  40. United Spinal Association (Since 2010)                             
  41. International Natural Hygiene Society (INHS)                   
  42. Ocean Futures Society                                       
  43. Instrumentation and Control Society (ICE)                   
  44. Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA)             
  45. American Society of Administrative Professional
  46. Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association                   
  47. Executive Accountability Benchmarking Association          
  48. International Webmaster Association (IWA)                 
  49. Financial Contact Center Benchmarking Association
  50. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)                          
  51. Yale Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Society (YBPS)                       
  52. PIAZZA ITALIA-The Washington, DC Italian Language & Culture Group /
  53. Meditation Society of Australia                                     
  54. International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA)     
  55. Animal Rescue Association of the Americas 
  56. World Environmental Organization                                     
  57. Media Education Association (MEA)                                
  58. International Association of Aspiring Authors 
  59. Arab Professional Translators     
  60. Veterinary Medical Team Member                    
  61. International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS)                     
  62. Finding Threads Society (FTS)                                
  63. Science in School Organization                                
  64. World Academy of Science                             
  65. Engineering and Scientific Research Groups         
  66. Biomed Experts Team                                      
  67. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) 
  68. Society for Scholarly Publishing                                         
  69. Financial Contact Center Benchmarking Association                     
  70. Science and Development Network                                 
  71. e-Agriculture Org                                            
  72. Research Gate                      
  73. Global Campus                               
  74. HRM Journal                         
  75. The Scientific Review Board                                        
  76. International Network  for the Availability of Scientific Publications  
  77. IVF Professional Network                         
  78. Academic Social Network                        
  80. Vitamin Angle Organization                         
  81. Young Active Professionals Club (YAP)                      
  82. One Health Initiative - One World One Medicine One Health supporter
  83. Taking IT Global                                             
  84. Peer power network                                      
  85. European Alliance Community                                       
  86. Morris Animal Foundation supporter                                 
  87. Insciences Organization                                              
  88. Google Profile                                         
  89. Live DNA                                                                 
  90. Delta Society
  91. Belgian Veterinary Acupuncture Society
  92. Egyptian Genetic Engineering Scientists
  93. International Network for Scientific & Industrial Information (INSII) 
  94. Institute of Research Engineers
  95. British Science Association
  96. Institute of Advanced Scientific Research
  97. International Association for computerized Adaptive Testing 
  98. International Association for Engineering and Management Education 
  99. International Association of Engineers and Scientists
  100. International Fleet Management Benchmarking Association  
  101. Informing Science Institute
  102. International Association of CPAs, Attorney's & Management                                                 
  103. Internet Society
  104. International Society for Environmental Information Sciences
  105. Science and Engineering Institute
  106. Asia Federation of Biotechnology
  107. Conservation International
  108. Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy
  109. South Asian Network for Development & Environmental Economics
  110. SILAE
  111. Forum di Etnomedicina
  112. Index Copernicus
  113. Biomedical Knowledge Organization
  114. Ad Astra on Romanian  Scientific Community  
  115. International Commission for Plant-Bee Relationships
  116. International Society for Mushroom Science
  117. International Society of Exercise and Immunology
  118. Human Resource Manag. Acad. Res. Society
  119. i-Xplore International Research J. Consortium 
  120. Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics & Telecommunications Engineer.

Institutions' Cooperation

  1. Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (SIBCB), China
  2. Central Institute of Research in Buffaloes (CIRB), India

Publishing House's Cooperation

  1. New Delhi Publishers - India
  2. Global Life Sciences Publishers - Pakistan